Saturday, 31 March 2012

Blood, Water and Ginger Beer

So my ginger beer experiment has continued, with quite positive results so far! Many friends have been surprised at how tasty each batch has turned out, the very first was way too sweet however so I had have half the amount of sugar. The taste is much more balanced with the fire of the ginger now. I currently have 4 gallons of the stuff on my kitchen table that will have brewed for a week as of tomorrow evening... but I only have enough plastic bottles to decant half of it! I will have to plead to my friends and family tomorrow to raid their plastic recycling!

My swimming routine that has been keeping my crafting experiments at bay has continued. Swimming has seriously reduced the time I have to commit to more creative things outside work, however my energy levels have increased so I'm hoping to get my creative routine back in order too. Baby steps.

Finally I gave blood last Thursday for the 10th time, this means I have achieved a bronze award, its only a little certificate and a badge but it’s an important thing to do and I feel most proud to be making the effort. Also happy as I delivered a pint in less than 5 minutes, my previous donation last November was underweight as the vein collapsed so was most determine to deliver this time (not that one is in control of their veins!).

I am going to spend some time this evening designing and maybe stitching some felt Easter egg decorations, similar to the Xmas ones I attempted previously. Might even try and convince my mum to pop over with some ricrac with a bribe of a cuppa. Anyone else making anything nice/edible ready for Easter?